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Ruslan Podolyako Phone: (38) 067 6033384  Email: belmondo@mail.ru, belmondo21@gmail.com ________________________________________ SUMMARY Director of Marketing and Marketing Specialist, with over 9 years of experience in establishing market penetration strategies in consumer marketing environments. Breadth of experience includes: product portfolio development, contract negotiation, leading cross-functional project teams in different organizations. Experience in International organizations and multicultural approach Marketing and sales expertise over the past 9 years encompasses: launching 10 new products; creating 20 strategic marketing plans; developing 12 advertising and direct mail campaigns; conducting 26 nationwide market research studies. Proven ability to quickly understand the competitive situation and needs of the market, and then define and execute marketing strategies that increase growth and enhance profitability. Additional strengths and capabilities include: • Training & Public Speaking Skills • Sales Force/Distributor Management • Market Research & Analysis • Marketing Communication Management • Creating Brand Definition & Awareness ________________________________________ SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Led a multi-functional task force that won a major federal contract for the first time in company's history. This achievement followed 5 years of unsuccessful attempts by other executives. • Conceived successful trade show promotion that attracted more than 40% of conference attendees to company's first exhibit. • Developed through extensive market research a new product definition that increased sales by 20% in its first year following introduction. • Doubled company’s budgeted growth for revenue and profitability of product line by implementing a creative pricing strategy. • Conducted 26 qualitative and quantitative market research studies to determine market share and positioning, test new products/marketing strategies, explore new markets, and understand buying criteria. Managed development, testing, and introduction of 6 new product lines • Ruslan Podolyako Page Two ________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ADCON WEST AFRICA (SENEGAL-DAKAR) 2006 to 2007 (Commercial firm) Senior Product Marketing Strategist – Primary duties focused on working closely with senior executives at diverse business clients to develop viable marketing and business development strategies/plans. Managed advertising, direct mail campaigns, collateral production, exhibits at association meetings, and all other marketing functions. Responsible for conducting African market research, competitive intelligence, pricing, new product launch and marketing communications projects for clients. Led client marketing strategy, re-branding and repositioning team, including supervising creation of corporate ID package, advertising, collateral, direct mail and other creative materials as well as media plan. Designed, built, and provided content for corporate marketing website. SINTRO MEDICAL (Kiev) 2004 to 2006 (Commercial firm) Director of Sales and Marketing – Managed advertising, direct mail campaigns, collateral production, participation at association meetings, exhibitions and meeting with prospects/clients and all other sales and marketing functions. Created and maintained database of funding sources and their investment criteria. Designed, built and provided content for one of their first commercial marketing web site. Designed and authored newsletters for potential clients and referral sources. SANTE INTEGRALE, (Kiev) 2002 to 2004 (A dealer of French manufacturer of medical equipment, with over 40 dealers in many countries and distribution worldwide) Marketing and Sales Manager, Special Equipment Division – Directed all marketing functions, with responsibility for 5 product lines that contributed to over half of the company's profits. Responsibilities included sales management for audiometer sales to healthcare professionals through distributors in Ukraine and Russia. . Managed all marketing efforts for these products. Introduced 4 new products. Initiated a managed healthcare national account marketing program. Additionally, directed market research studies, participated in corporate strategic planning effort, and negotiated substantial sales, purchasing, licensing and other contracts. STREAM GAS (Moscow-Kiev) 2000 to 2002 (Manufacturer of Petroleum production) Marketing Services Manager – Primary duties centered on overseeing market research, competitor intelligence, and sales analysis/forecasting functions. Managed company's advertising program, which included direct mail, magazine and internet advertising, collateral materials, multimedia presentations and exhibition visiting, telemarketing. Initiated international marketing effort and participated in committees for strategic planning, sales force training/compensation.. Launched 6 new products. Self-assessment 1. Managing Self, Others and Resources - I plan ahead, can foresee situations, cope well under pressure and manage my work well. I am always prepared to provide guidance and support when required to colleagues and subordinates. 2. Delivering Results - able to handle a number of tasks at the same time and sue initiative to chase up progress on work, respond proactively to changing priorities. 3. Customer Focus - deal with customs fairly and courteously, sort things out for people on the spot if possible and when necessary. 4. Problem Solving - good at spotting potential problems, suggest sensible solutions. 5. Organized and methodic approach to the problems also accountability and pro-activity, information gathering 6. Communicating - communicate clearly and concisely, analyze, summarize and present information clearly, logically and accurately. 7. Learning and developing: quick to learn, "can do" attitude, flexibility in accepting and implementing new procedures. 8. Resistant to Stress and flexible Hobby: personal and professional development, psychology, team games, traveling. EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT English and French Languages University O.Gonchara (Dnepropetrovsk) Professional Marketing Training Intensive Course, (L/Bogush Marketing and Management college) Thanks for your time