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Менджер по продукту (микроудобрения, семена)


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Objective A position as a researcher or product manager in agronomy at a promising company, which will allow me to both further utilize my skills and acquire new abilities. Education: February 2009 Passed the dissertation. Biological science. February 2005 / February 2008 National agricultural university (Kiev) Post-graduate school (soil science department) September 1999 / October 2004 National agricultural university (Kiev) Master degree in Agronomy (diploma with award) Special subjects: crop growing, seeds growing, soil science, agrochemistry, phytopatology, selection. September 1988 / May 1999 Kamenets-Podolsky gymnasium #14 (Khmelnitsky region) Chemistry-biological department. Award in chemistry. Extension courses: Academy of Syngenta May 2005 / June 2005 : basis of agricultural business; business strategy of Syngenta; basic pesticide, field crops and vegetables produced on the Syngenta. Conferences: 1) International conference of young scholar devoted to the 100-th years of born prof.M. Bekarevicha, (Dnipropetrovsk – 2006). 2) International conference of young scholar devoted to the 50-th years of created Institute soil science and agrochemistry named by O. Sokolovskiy, (Kharkiv – 2006). 3) International conference of young scholar, (Vinnitca – 2006). Work experience: November 2010 / This time Public Company “RISE” Central office Senior product manager and marketing: - maintenance of sales corn, rape, sunflower (order on delivery, distributing between regions, concordance condition of sales); - are negotiations with companies by suppliers, drafting of agreements; - forming of plans of sales on regions; - logistic operations. August 2010 / November 2010 TF “REACOM”, LTD Trade manager and sales support. - sales micronutrition; - advancement of products; - support of clients; - search new clients and building clients database. September 2008 / November 2010 Kharkiv national agricultural university by V.V. Dokuchaev Teacher in agrochemistry department. September 2006 / February 2008 Scientific productive firm «Agroecosystem» LTD (Kiev) - make an biological examination and registration fertilizer; - sales chemical fertilizer and micro fertilizer; - sales preparation for plant protection, seeds. June 2006 / September 2006 Agricultural work in Finland. - Fertilized the cucumbers strawberry and peas; - Crop the cucumbers strawberry and peas; - Protection the cucumbers strawberry and peas. October 2004 / February 2005 National agricultural university (Kiev). Junior scientific employee. Department of agrochemistry. - Took a part in the creation and research of new fertilizers; - Owned methods of field and laboratory experiments; - Had experience in growing of hybrids plants; - Worked with documents about fertilizes, pesticides, seeds. May 2004 / July 2004 Kirovograd state agricultural station. Practical work. - Study a seeds quality of sunflower, maize and winter oilseed rape; - Fertilizer effect to rich harvest and good quality of sunflower, maize and winter oilseed rape; - Protection crops of diseases, insects, weeds. Additional skills: IT skills: extensive knowledge (Internet, mail program, 1C, Microsoft office etc.). Languages: Russian (written and spoken), English (written and spoken). Driving licence: B, C. Title and thesis of dissertation: Soil research in Forest-Steppe to Steppe transition area between Bug and Dnepr rivers. The work is devoted to soil research in Forest-Steppe to Steppe transition area between Bug and Dnepr rivers. For the first time, a term “transitional stripe” proposed and rationalized for this region. The Forest-steppe and the Steppe soils can be formed in this strip. The work introduces theoretical method for hillslope heat provision and hillslope moisture coefficient calculations, that allows remote soil, determination. The research results were used in the State technological center for soil fertility protection “CentrDerzhRoduchist” are were recommended for further soil research studies. Interests: Go in for sports (football, tennis), reading books, fishing.